Recent Events

Home Visit in Pasgaun and Charagaun VDCs of Lamjung on August 2017

20th August 2017


SATHI’s team visited Pasgaun and Charagaun VDCs of Lamjung District on August 2017 as the first term home visit. Door to door home visits take place twice every year for a single family. During the visit SATHI team collect updates from the family, collect students academic record and attendance of students from schools and conduct parents meeting to enhance their parenting skills.

Educational Materials Distribution Program at Samibhanjyang and Suryapal VDCs of Lamjung District.

4th May 2017

Educational Materials Distribution Program took place in Samibhanjyang VDC on 4th May 2017.

30 students from Samjhana Secondary School received grade specific educational materials in this distribution.

Educational Materials Distribution Program for visually impaired and disabled students - May 2017

26th May 2017

Educational Materials Distribution Program for 79 students with visual impairment and physical disabilities from Amarsing School, Janaprakash School, Maheswori School and Kundahar School. Students received school bags filled with grade appropriate educational supplies, braille sheets, uniforms, shoes and socks.
Thank you to our friends and partners who enable us to provide much needed support to over 3,000 students per year.

Educational Materials Distribution Program for hearing impaired students - May 2017

25th May 2017

SATHI NEPAL hosted an Educational Materials Distribution Program at our Office in Pokhara today for 46 hearing impaired students from Shreejana Secondary School. Students received school bags filled with grade appropriate educational supplies, uniforms, shoes and socks.
Thank you to our friends and partners who enable us to provide much needed support to over 3,000 students per year.

Academic Achievement Award Distribution to High School Graduates - March 2017

23rd March 2017

SATHI distributed academic achievement awards to students who graduated Secondary School (High School) and are taking the next step towards Higher Education which is a huge achievement for our students.
This year in total 159 students- 114 from our Rural Program and 45 from Urban Program graduated with support from our International sponsors. Thank you all for providing this life changing opportunity to our beneficiaries.
SATHI NEPAL team are very proud of you all and wish you every success in the future.

Educational Materials Distribution in Gorkha - April 2017

14th – 20th April 2017

1,650 kids received educational materials, school bags and uniforms in time for the new school year which started the end of April. This distribution marks the 3rd annual distribution in these needy communities affected by the devastating earth quake in 2015. Most families continue to dwell in temporary shelters and have received little or no aid to rebuild their homes to date.

To reiterate the remoteness of the communities served and scale of this project- 8,500 kilos of school bags filled with educational supplies and over 5,000 kilos of classroom furnishings were delivered. 1,650 grade specific school bags were packed into 25 kilo rice sacks for porterage. Uniforms were tailor made to fit each child by over 30 tailors from 3 districts who hiked to the villages to measure all 1,650 children. It took 4 days to reach Keraunja VDC from Pokhara, 18 hours in 3 extra-large off road trucks over a 2-day period, after which the supplies were unloaded and reloaded onto over 200 mules and 25 human porters who walked two 8 -10 hour days. SATHI team split into 2 groups and delivered supplies to individual schools in preparation for distributions. After delivery of supplies, staff worked tirelessly with school teachers and community members to transform part of the newly built school in Keraunja VDC into fun, child friendly Nursery and Kindergarten Classrooms and also set up a well-equipped new Science Classroom for Secondary Level Students.

In the meantime, Liz Woodcock, Development Director at CAIRN Trust, her son Archibald and Laxmi and Kalyan from SATHI NEPAL joined the team after their own four grueling days hiking to reach Keraunja, camping along the way. They crossed rivers and walked up and down many rugged hillsides that would be considered mountains anywhere else in the world. They had to switch routes to avoid landslides along the way, making this epic project more than worthy of the name of the Organization Liz represents- Child Aid in Rural Nepal (CAIRN Trust).

Liz, Archibald and the team went on to distribute supplies to all 1,650 students, walking from village to village over a one week period. We wish to thank Liz and Archibald for this amazing achievement; which we know was far from easy and took a lot of willpower and courage during many scary moments on the hiking trails.

There are no words to express our gratitude to CAIRN Trust UK, for supporting all 1,650 children to attend school again this year. We cherish our partnership and are so grateful for your life changing support for communities in Upper Gorkha.

Big thanks also to our friends at One OM USA and Bring Back the Smile to Nepal UK for supporting the classroom refurbishment grants.

Last but as always not least, thank you to our dedicated team of super stars at SATHI Nepal who make all this work possible through their courageous work. FYI, the team finished up this project and after a couple of days’ rest are now back in the field distributing supplies to an additional 1,000 kids in 10 communities scaling 3 districts. By the end of May, 3,200 children will have been outfitted with new uniforms and school bags filled with grade appropriate supplies for the new academic year in 5 districts of Nepal, all to be completed over an 8-week period! You guys are true heroes!!! THANK YOU.

Home Visit in Bhujung VDC, Lamjung - December 2016

7th December 2016

SATHI team just returned from home visits in Bhujung VDC, Lamjung. One of the most important aspects of our educational programs are our routine home and school visits to provide encouragement and guidance; to monitor attendance and performance; and to inspire parental involvement in their children’s education. These wonderful photos were taken by our newest rural program social mobilizers, Sita and Dhan Kumari. Both girls received Educational Support from SATHI NEPAL in their own native villages. Both started working at SATHI Nepal as interns two years ago and have recently been promoted into full time employment positions at SATHI while they continue to pursue their college education.Very proud of these young ladies.

Educational Material Distribution to Earthquake Victims at Kashigaun and Kerauja VDCs of Gorkha - May 2016

19th – 25th May 2016

We’re happy to report that we’re home safely and well rested after the formidable challenge of distributing educational supplies, school bags and uniforms to more than 1,600 children from 8 schools in some of the most remote villages of northern Gorkha.
These distributions were made particularly challenging by the remoteness of the Keraunja and Kasigaun VDCs and the subsequent logistics involved in transporting the supplies. Our work began 3 months ago, ordering and packing grade-specific school bags. We hired 3 tailoring companies to fulfill the uniform orders and had each of the children measured individually so the uniforms were tailor-made for every single child.

Educational Material Distribution to Disabled Students at SATHI Office Pokhara - May 2016

 8th & 9th May 2016

SATHI NEPAL hosted a distribution of educational materials to 127 visually and audibly impaired students. In addition to school bags filled with educational materials, the students were gifted uniforms, school shoes and special resources in Braille.
SATHI NEPAL feels extremely proud of these students. Amongst poverty and discrimination, they continue to push against the odds and find courage to leave their families and rural homes for a chance at an education here in Pokhara. They are committed and like every child, deserved of an education.

Tragic Earthquake Anniversary in Tanahun and Pokhara - April 2016

25th April 2016

On the anniversary of the tragic earthquake that rocked Nepal, SATHI team hosted two separate events; two Educational Material Distribution Programs and two classroom refurbishments. The first, in Pokhara, was for 157 children who had been forced to flee their native villages after losing loved ones and homes during the earthquake on April 25 2015. By providing educational supplies and uniforms, children could return to their studies and to some sense of normality after such a horrific disaster turned their lives upside down.

SATHI NEPAL Annual Picnic at Shantiban Pokhara - April 2016

16th April 2016

SATHI Nepal hosted our Urban Program Annual Picnic last Saturday in time for new academic year which starts this week. A super fun day was had by all.

Educational Materials Distribution Program in Simpani VDC, Lamjung - March 2016

31st March 2016

SATHI NEPAL team hosted our Educational Materials Distribution Program in Simpani VDC, Lamjung on March 31st. Special thanks to Lamjung DEO, CAIRN Trust team and trek group, GAN team and Mr. Bal Krishna Gurung from GWS for attending our program and making the day extra special.