( 19th – 25th MAY 2016)

Dear friends, We’re happy to report that we’re home safely and well rested after the formidable challenge of distributing educational supplies, school bags and uniforms to more than 1,600 children from 8 schools in some of the most remote villages of northern Gorkha.
These distributions were made particularly challenging by the remoteness of the Keraunja and Kasigaun VDCs and the subsequent logistics involved in transporting the supplies. Our work began 3 months ago, ordering and packing grade-specific school bags. We hired 3 tailoring companies to fulfill the uniform orders and had each of the children measured individually so the uniforms were tailor-made for every single child.

With school bags, uniforms and supplies all prepared, SATHI’s team loaded grade-specific school bags and uniforms into sacks that needed to be individually weighed for mule and helicopter delivery to the villages. All in all we had over 8,000 kilos to deliver!
On May 19th our journey to the villages began: first in trucks and jeeps along narrow roads twisting through the hillsides for more than 12 hours before we arrived in Soti Khola, Gorkha. Here we rested our first night before another early start, unloading the vehicles and loading-up the mules at 4.30 am. The remote locations of Hulchok and Keraunja, coupled with time constraints of a fast-approaching monsoon, saw us charter a subsidized helicopter for the delivery of these particular supplies, while almost 100 hired mules were sufficient to complete the shorter (12-hour!) journey to the somewhat closer village of Kasigaun.
Our staff split into 3 groups to cover the 8 schools being visited. Dan and Dun Kumari’s group set-off with the first mule train that took 2 days to reach Kasigaun via Manbu. Next, Sita and Bal went to Hulchok by helicopter – two 14-minute shuttles saving them a 3 day walk! Finally, Laxmi, Bikash and I delivered 6 helicopter shuttles of supplies to Keraunja village – which would otherwise have been a very difficult 2 + day walk!
During the next 5 days we distributed supplies to children in villages which are still completely devastated by last year’s earthquakes and the subsequent post-earthquake landslides. With all families still surviving in wholly-inadequate temporary shelters, the ongoing extent of the devastation is truly heart breaking. With very little vegetation, families exist on donated rice and the meager crop of potatoes they manage to harvest locally. The lucky few enjoy lentils and the occasional luxury of some local chicken. In many ways, the hardest part of the trip wasn’t the hiking or the logistical effort involved in distributing the supplies, but rather the complete lack of nutritious food for basic sustenance. With no access the fruit and vegetables that so many of us take for granted, the sheer level of malnutrition suffered by the villagers is clearly apparent.
The return journey took a further 3 days before our teams finally reunited in KasiGaun, where supplies were distributed to the children at Manju Shree Secondary School.
The final day saw us embark on a 13-hour walk through the most beautiful of scenery to reach, once again, the road head at Sotikhola from where our drive to Pokhara began.
I’d like to take this opportunity to thank SATHI Nepal’s team of absolute heroes who made this logistical feat of Himalayan proportions seem like a magical adventure! Laxmi, Bal, Bikash, Sita, Dun Kumari and Dan – you guys are a truly inspirational! Thank you all so much for always going the extra mile!
Many thanks too to our long-term partners, CAIRN Trust UK – without whose continued generosity we would not have been able to help so many additional children since the earthquake. We are forever grateful for their incredibly generous support.
We also wish to extend our most sincere gratitude to Bella, Prem and all at KarmaFlights for coming to our rescue in the final hour by providing much needed transportation and logistical support. And last, but by no means least: a final word of heartfelt thanks to our supporters from all around the world who have contributed so kindly to our concerted response to last year’s earthquake devastation.



( 8th & 9th MAY 2016)

SATHI NEPAL hosted a distribution of educational materials to 127 visually and audibly impaired students. In addition to school bags filled with educational materials, the students were gifted uniforms, school shoes and special resources in Braille.
SATHI NEPAL feels extremely proud of these students. Amongst poverty and discrimination, they continue to push against the odds and find courage to leave their families and rural homes for a chance at an education here in Pokhara. They are committed and like every child, deserved of an education.


(25th APRIL 2016)

On the anniversary of the tragic earthquake that rocked Nepal, SATHI team hosted two separate events; two Educational Material Distribution Programs and two classroom refurbishments. The first, in Pokhara, was for 157 children who had been forced to flee their native villages after losing loved ones and homes during the earthquake on April 25 2015. By providing educational supplies and uniforms, children could return to their studies and to some sense of normality after such a horrific disaster turned their lives upside down.

Our second Educational Material Distribution programme required kind support from our friends and partners at Paddle Nepal who transported us in their off-road jeep to Jamune, VDC, Tanahaun to distribute educational materials to 60 children. A poignant event that marked the anniversary of our partnership to help thousands of families post-earthquake in over 44 rural communities nationwide.
In addition to the distribution program we held two classroom refurbishment inaugurations in Jamune VDC. Our volunteers from We Art One were tasked with decorating the walls with murals and relevant art works to create a special learning environment for the nursery and kindergarten aged children. Their completed work was sensational and the children’s faces of delight was reward enough for our efforts.

It was a magical day for everyone involved and bought hope to our hearts on the anniversary of the earthquake. Thank you to our sponsors and friends Laila and Justin at Marco’s Café (USA) and everyone at Bring Back The Smile to Nepal (UK) for their support for the classroom refurbishments, thanks to our long-term partners Kidasha (UK) for supporting the migrant children’s educational materials distribution in Pokhara and thanks to everyone who sent donations to SATHI NEPAL over the last year. SATHI are here for the long term and we are committed to Nepal. Our thoughts and prayers are with everyone that was affected by the earthquake. Jai Nepal.


(APRIL 16th 2016)

SATHI Nepal hosted our Urban Program Annual Picnic last Saturday in time for new academic year which starts this week. A super fun day was had by all!!!



(31st MARCH)

SATHI NEPAL team hosted our Educational Materials Distribution Program in Simpani VDC, Lamjung on March 31st. Special thanks to Lamjung DEO, CAIRN Trust team and trek group, GAN team and Mr. Bal Krishna Gurung from GWS for attending our program and making the day extra special.