SATHI Nepal Events from 2016

Home Visit in Bhujung VDC, Lamjung - December 2016

7th December 2016

SATHI team just returned from home visits in Bhujung VDC, Lamjung. One of the most important aspects of our educational programs are our routine home and school visits to provide encouragement and guidance; to monitor attendance and performance; and to inspire parental involvement in their children’s education. These wonderful photos were taken by our newest rural program social mobilizers, Sita and Dhan Kumari. Both girls received Educational Support from SATHI NEPAL in their own native villages. Both started working at SATHI Nepal as interns two years ago and have recently been promoted into full time employment positions at SATHI while they continue to pursue their college education.Very proud of these young ladies.

Educational Material Distribution to Earthquake Victims at Kashigaun and Kerauja VDCs of Gorkha - May 2016

19th – 25th May 2016
We’re happy to report that we’re home safely and well rested after the formidable challenge of distributing educational supplies, school bags and uniforms to more than 1,600 children from 8 schools in some of the most remote villages of northern Gorkha.
These distributions were made particularly challenging by the remoteness of the Keraunja and Kasigaun VDCs and the subsequent logistics involved in transporting the supplies. Our work began 3 months ago, ordering and packing grade-specific school bags. We hired 3 tailoring companies to fulfill the uniform orders and had each of the children measured individually so the uniforms were tailor-made for every single child.

Educational Material Distribution to Disabled Students at SATHI Office Pokhara - May 2016

8th & 9th May 2016
SATHI NEPAL hosted a distribution of educational materials to 127 visually and audibly impaired students. In addition to school bags filled with educational materials, the students were gifted uniforms, school shoes and special resources in Braille. SATHI NEPAL feels extremely proud of these students. Amongst poverty and discrimination, they continue to push against the odds and find courage to leave their families and rural homes for a chance at an education here in Pokhara. They are committed and like every child, deserved of an education.

Tragic Earthquake Anniversary in Tanahun and Pokhara - April 2016

25th April 2016
On the anniversary of the tragic earthquake that rocked Nepal, SATHI team hosted two separate events; two Educational Material Distribution Programs and two classroom refurbishments. The first, in Pokhara, was for 157 children who had been forced to flee their native villages after losing loved ones and homes during the earthquake on April 25 2015. By providing educational supplies and uniforms, children could return to their studies and to some sense of normality after such a horrific disaster turned their lives upside down.

SATHI NEPAL Annual Picnic at Shantiban Pokhara - April 2016

16th April 2016
SATHI Nepal hosted our Urban Program Annual Picnic last Saturday in time for new academic year which starts this week. A super fun day was had by all.

Educational Materials Distribution Program in Simpani VDC, Lamjung - March 2016

31st March 2016
SATHI NEPAL team hosted our Educational Materials Distribution Program in Simpani VDC, Lamjung on March 31st. Special thanks to Lamjung DEO, CAIRN Trust team and trek group, GAN team and Mr. Bal Krishna Gurung from GWS for attending our program and making the day extra special.